Paul's Fitness personal trainer website featuring Skype Fitness

Getting fit with Paul Swain and Skype Fitness, responsive website design

Desktop view of Paul's Fitness personal trainer website

This website project was for Paul Swain starting out in a new business venture as a personal trainer in his local area as well as nationally and internationally with the USP of Skype Fitness.

Through the use of Skype Fitness Paul is able to communicate with clients around the world, from the comfort of their own home and whenever they feel the need to check-in with him. While the website doesn’t make this information prominently front and centre, Paul has a detailed workflow through Skype Fitness to get clients into a healthier place.

Responsive views of Paul's Fitness personal trainer website

The website was made as a custom-build and is responsive across the standard devices that you might expect.

Paul's Fitness personal trainer website featuring Skype Fitness

The chosen framework for this project was Foundation 5 which offered a better canvas initially. We’ve used FontAwesome icons as well as custom icons for the visual service aspects.

Paul's Fitness personal trainer website

There was great debate over the pricing structure though the outcome covers something for everyone and includes Paul’s USP that is Skype Fitness.

Paul's Fitness website mobile view

Paul’s Fitness is a landing site for information about Paul and his services as well as snippets about where Paul has been in other endeavours. Maybe they’ll be scope to add some of Paul’s mixing skills to the site in the future with easy play workout mixes for clients to use while out exercising

Paul's Fitness visual map of website

One page website visual representation of Paul’s Fitness from start to finish.

You can find out more at Paul’s Fitness as well as Skype Fitness over at

Type: One-Page [informative]

Client: Paul’s Fitness

Date: April 2015