B Lee Fencing logo design

The gift of a clean brand

B Lee Fencing branding


There was no brief for this project as the client didn’t see it as relevant to the operation of their company in an on-line space. Having been briefed on B Lee’s requirement to be visible across search in a local capacity, we rustled this simple, clean and effective representation together.

B Lee Fencing logo design

In-store design of the company image.

This in-store design of the company image uses an off-red as a background colour intentionally to improve visibility to customers and passing trade. Local research showed a poor use of prominent colours in similar company’s branding and awareness.

B Lee Fencing watermark

YouTube channel watermark

As the client didn’t request this service we decided to donate it to them as a gift.

You can find out more at http://bleefencing.co.uk directly or learn about the wider process B Lee experienced over at the behance project

Client: B Lee Fencing

Date: June 2015