MayDay Mix CD Cover

MayDay mix artwork for Paul Swain

MayDay Mix CD Cover

Artwork to promote the MayDay mix by Paul Swain

This project was to help promote the second installment of Mix by Donation, which is the brand for DJ mixes performed by Paul Swaina wounded serviceman. Fallen Soul’s is the series name and Mayday is the name of the current mix.

Paul had requested a commissioned artwork to help promote the forthcoming release of his esteemed DJ series Fallen Souls. The artwork for the mix reflects a relaxing time where the listener could forget about the daily stresses and enjoy being taken to a nicer place.

MayDay CD Cover

CD Artwork in situ – click to DOWNLOAD the original mix

As the original charity website and mixes have now permanently closed, we’ve uploaded the MayDay mix for you to enjoy. Please continue to make donations to Paul’s preferred charity Blesma

Supporting graphic for Mayday Mix

Supporting graphic to help bring awareness to the new online mix.

You can find out more about the Armed an Ready mixes by Paul Swain at the (old) Armed an Ready Facebook page

Client: Armed an Ready

Date: May 2013