HYBRID cover art for Sean Seay

Seay its an artwork cover

HYBRID cover art for Sean Seay

Album Artwork for Sean Seay’s HYBRID

The client was after a piece of artwork that would help comprise his collection of tracks into an album that he suggested would be called HYBRID. The requirement was for the four elements to be included and that he had this cool photo from a shoot that could be used.

Seay its the Hybrid CD cover

Mockup (visualisation) for the latest Sean Seay album, Hybrid. Featuring an alteration to the original artwork design, allowing better placement on the cover of the jewelled case

Creating the transitions between the four elements was extremely challenging and took several revisions. While the desired result wasn’t totally realised, the end result is adequate for the clients requirements. Adding the title span below the composition helped with the overall placement.

You can find out more about Sean at http://iamseanseay.com

Client: Sean Seay

Date: January 2015