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Are your passwords safe?

As we settle into the New Year some of us will decide that it’s a good time to re-organise how we do things, and something that can easily get over looked is your password security.

I recently noticed the UI (user Interface) for my chosen password management software had been overhauled to the Material Design (popularised by Google). So now would be a good time for me to recommend this service to you; something I intended to do this time last year.

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LastPass is my password manager of choice and has been for the last three years. It does all the things a password manager should:

  • Stores encrypted passwords.
  • Simplify the collection, collating and output.
  • Automatically populates login forms.

So it’s a pretty cool tool and one I use an awful lot, but it does so much more.

  • Share a password file securely – maybe the family iCloud account.
  • Complete a registration/delivery/credit card form in one click.
  • Access your information offline.
  • Audit passwords with Security Challenge – Check if your doubling-up your passwords.
  • Automatically backup your private information instantly – Access it from other devices right away.
  • Save multiple login’s for the same websites – Got four Twitter accounts? Not  a problem.

LastPass is a far superior password manager for personal and business use alike.

lastpass user interface v4

The interface is a breeze to understand. Once you login with your master password you can perform an instant search on your accounts; click to visit and login or select to edit/share the details easily. Personally I hardly ever go through the main interface and instead access my passwords and LastPass features through the browser extension.

using the lastpass browser extensionSimilarly to the main interface, the LastPass extension is very easy to use and allows me to use just the one browser window that I was already using, which is a neat and time saving bonus. Simply click the icon on the browser-bar, type in the search field and click the desired action in the extension popout window without ever leaving your current workflow.

If you’d sooner use the full (new UI) windowed LastPass then you’re in good hands lastpass browser extensionas LastPass works seamlessly with all your favourite browsers. Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer are all fully functional regarding the use of LastPass. There are apps for Android, iPhone, Windows phone and Blackberry too. And Windows, Mac’s, Linux and Chromebook platforms are all ready for you to embrace.

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Works perfectly with your favourite browser – Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari

Carley from Digitalwirl does a great job at highlighting the user-friendly and quick setup tips that LastPass brings to its users. Watch this 2 minute 36 video which will have you up and running before it finishes.

There is no finish line in security. LastPass go beyond the leading industry standards to implement the newest, strongest technology available to safeguard your data.

One of my favourite feature of LastPass is the ability to get your account really secure. Features_8As I often interact with client data, websites and Google App’s installations, it’s great to know that LastPass is working hard to offer me the best protection. So the first level of security is naturally your master password, after which there are several options depending on your personal worry-o-meter reading. I’ve (additionally) opted for 2-factor authentication, which if your a Google fan will know all about. Then on top of this I’ve also opted for a YubiKey which really does add another dimension to security. You may on the other-hand prefer to authenticate through a swipe card, finger-print recognition or just a simple push notification via your mobile phone.

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Oh and if you might be inclined to think that the mobile/tablet user experience will be inferior, think again. In this short snippet, I demonstrate how easy it is to login to LinkedIn with the overlay password selector on a mobile device.

What does it cost?

I’d highly recommend using LastPass for you or your business wants the best possible security solution. I’ve been using it at Showcase Imagery for over three years now and believe that LastPass has helped me out of many a forgetful moment. For just over £8 per year its definitely full of value coming highly recommended by me.

lastpass works on all devices

Works on all of your devices too, from iPad right down to your smart watch.