Visually Designing your Business

Visually Designing your Business

A fun and vibrant marketing and design agency.

A micro business with big ideas for fast-moving startups and innovators. We work hard to help small business’s take a leap into the clouds.

We do more than just design websites. Visually Designing your Business is just the beginning when you enlist the help of Showcase Imagery. Regularly consulting with businesses, we advise and assist on a variety of technical issues that can boost the performance of your staff and productivity of your business.

percentage’s across project types


web design

Providing fresh and innovative ideas for new websites aimed at startups, entrepreneurs and small business


corporate identity

Your business’s identity should be easy to recognise, meaningful and on relevant social channels


web development

Improvements to your website can increase user experiences, sales funnelling and customer retention 


graphic design

Does your print, marketing material and social content convey a consistent image of your business

Case by Case

With an average web page from a new client as the basis, here are a few area’s that we address regularly when receiving new clients.

It’s not very often clients are able to look at the underlying code structure or quality of their web pages from previous providers. So this area is usually submitted to us quite poorly and can be a result of outdated coding from the previous developers. SEO is a similar area as optimisation very quickly becomes outdated with new methods coming onboard that haven’t been implemented yet.

Whereas copy and CTA’s usually fair up better. Possibly as the client had some input in these areas when the previous developer consulted with them.

Visually Designing your Business

Code improvements
SEO improvements
Copy Improvements
Call's to Action

we do more too…

Visually Designing your Business

G Suite

We are Google Partners. Consulting and configuring G Suite for clients is a key part of Showcase Imagery

visually designing your business with digital marketing


Not everyone knows how best to work certain software, manage a cpanel interface or add content through wordpress

video development

Production of intro, indent, live logo’s, band and instructional videos is an area we are always improving on

We believe in visually designing your business

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