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Taking payments should be simple, but is often not simple at all. Suppliers of goods and services just like yourself, are forced to pay high credit card fees, or else risk waiting unpaid for months.

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For any business taking recurring payments or invoicing – from Accountants and Web Designers to Veterinary Surgeries and Training Providers – Direct Debit is the only payment system that puts you in control of when you’re paid. The system use to be exclusive, complex to manage and for big business only.

GoCardless exists to change this, making your life easier in the process. There are no barriers, no exclusivity, and no complex payment processes. GoCardless puts business’ payments and cash flow under your control.

SI logo from Showcase Imagery

We’ve been using GoCardless at Showcase Imagery for several months, which has definitely lessened the burden with payments from some of our clients that are to busy and forgetful.

We’re now at the stage where we are happy with the service GoCardless offer us; and will be rolling out the Direct Debit logo across our site, print and social material in the coming weeks.Direct Debit logo (grey)

GoCardless homepage

Gettings started with GoCardless is very easy, straight from the homepage.

Adding a GoCardless customer

Screenshot of adding a new customer, using the GoCardless web interface.

Making a payment on a mobile device

Customers are able to make payments right from their mobile devices for ease of use.

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Customer view when making a payment through GoCardless

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With GoCardless you are able to use the Direct Debit logo which will allow your customers to see a convenient payment method that they’ll already know and trust. As a small business you can find out more about the Direct Debit logo and guidelines here. GoCardless now serves more businesses than any other Direct Debit provider. Customers include Greater Anglia Trains and Rock Choir. The company is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our integration recommendation is:

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Go Cardless

automating online payments

directli merchant system

directli merchant system






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