DL Leaflet mockup for Hammond & Co

Why people love “us” leaflet


Why people love us leaflet

This DL sized leaflet was exactingly designed for a clients requirements in the accountancy sector. Aimed squarely at attracting new clients with an interest in SaaS accounting this leaflet was localised for several branch offices including Chesterfield.

reverse of "why people love us" leaflet

includes general business information

DL Leaflet mockup for Hammond & Co

design in situ

The reverse of the leaflet is general information pertaining to the company, contacting them and areas of business they are happy to deal in. Despite the amount of information on this leaflet, we managed to make good use of the space, giving a clear and concise message.

You can find out more at Hammond & Co at their accountancy website

Client: Hammond & Co

Date: April 2014