inner view sia st patricks day leaflet

folded leaflet printing & design on 12 panels

Folded leaflet printing is a common requirement for special events, activity locations and as product literature to name a few uses. In this project we had to create additional assets and source replacement images in addition to the brief.

folded leaflet printing inner view sia st patricks day leaflet

We were tasked with creating an informative design for St Patrick’s day proceedings. While ensuring there was ample room for essential content provided by the NHS sponsors, highlighting their causes.

folded leaflet printing inner view sia st patricks day leaflet 2 folded leaflet printing inner view sia st patricks day leaflet 3

Folded leaflet printing

As part of the brief, we were required to include a lot of information about events on and around St Patrick’s Day, include sponsor information and a custom designed map.

With a large amount of content to include on this folded leaflet printing project, the layout was important to get correct. For which we had many iterations during the process!

  • We designed the custom map using a screen grab of a Google Map, turning it into vectors and styling it out.
  • The parade images used in this folded leaflet were originally from the local-scene, but we opted to use stock images from a St. Patrick’s parade in the US as these were higher resolution and had that “party feel”.
  • Adding the local events information in an informative and uncluttered manner was tricky. As it meant the inner pull-out was free from this, allowing for on-the-day only info.

folded leaflet printing A3 6 panel inner pull-out

This project for the Sheffield Irish Association was very challenging, mainly due to the amount of information and how best to server it. Providing an interesting and informative layout that was appeasing to the end reader.

Find out more from the Sheffield Irish Association and their St Patrick’s Day activities via their website

Client: Sheffield Irish Association

Date: Mar 2014