worked-up Google Music Artist cover for Sean Seay's Google Music Artist Page

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Google Music Artist Page

As part of Sean’s requirements with online marketing for the release of his single ONLY ONE we were tasked with creating and maintaining his Google Music Artist Page.

The process is quite simple and you need minimal knowledge and information to set one of these pages up. You can learn how to set up your own Google Music Artist page with our knowledge base article, setting up your Artist page on Google Music .

The relevance of this post is based on the requirements for artists to display relevant images on their artist page. In the case of Sean Seay there was two requirements for imagery.

  1. The artists profile/cover image
  2. The album/single cover art.

Creating the Artist imagery

When planning and considering the artist cover image there are a few requirements that Google Music impose.

  • Dimensions must be at least 2160 x 1080 pixels
  • Aspect ratio must be 2:1 (landscape orientation)
  • Image format must be JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG
  • You must have all rights to the image

With the above requirements considered, we looked through the available photo assets for this project and selected one to work-up.

Sean Seay photoshoot pose

Chosen photo to work-up for the Google Music artist page

Google Music requires a landscape image. We chose a huge photograph that we could take a landscape crop from to meet the requirement. We also met the other Google Music requirement, most importantly the copyright ownership.

Working-up the image included:

  • Selecting the best crop
  • Going black & white
  • Adding film grain to the photo
  • Using a heavy green filter
  • Adding the brand typography assets.

Additional Assets

We had already created a couple of brand assets for other elements of the overall project and considered using these assets. Being cautious to over-clutter the finished cover image.

sean seay icon brand asset

sean seay icon brand asset

sean seay title typography

Title typography for Sean Seay


Finalised Google Music cover

worked-up Google Music Artist cover for Sean Seay

The finished Google Music Artist cover for Sean Seay.

As you can see the end results across the three breakpoints are fairly amicable, as the below image shows. While we didn’t manage to get the brand assets in the 1:1 version, you can see the image still works well.

Sean Seay atist page graphic at different ratios

Sean Seay atist page graphic at ratios: 2:1, 16:9, 1:1

We used Adobe Lightroom for the black & white then green filter and grain effects. Then opened up in Adobe Photoshop to position and tweak the brand assets that were created in Adobe Illustrator.


Although the client website is currently suspended. You can still access the Artist page to see the end result and listen to the sound of Sean. There is also a project on behance regarding this posts contents you can read.

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Date: Apr 2015