Refreshing landing page for a Marketing Consultantcy

Refresh Marketing wanted a couple of Landing Page templates that would help guide the visitor through the required process.

refresh marketing landing page template design

Refresh Marketing landing page template design

We carried out a few revisions of  each design until the client was happy with the results. For this template page we made the following alterations:

  • removed the menu (a distraction).
  • pulled the site title up to compensate.
  • toned down the colour of the page title.
  • added a styled button when ever the client enters a URL within the sites /upload/ folder allowing many hyperlinks within the page while reserving the visible styling for only download links.
  • split the main content area into two columns, with the left column coming from the wordpress [post] content editor.
  • added a custom field (on the backend) where the client displays the message in the right panel of the content area (the green box contents).

refresh marketing page template

In addition to these alterations the second template page also included an inline style for third-party form button styling. As well as a full width column for additional data/instructions, situated below the split (left/right) column.

Marketing-Plan-Template Refresh Marketing Consultancy



We also made a few aesthetic CSS updates to the site as requested by the client…

refresh marketing css updates

  • improved menu visibility (above)
  • customised blockquote (above)
  • comment box for the author styling (below)
  • alternate visitor comment box styling (below)

wordpress comment styling

You can learn more of at their website.

Client: Refresh Marketing

Date: Jan 2016